What is needed to make your online business successful:

The three key elements that will make or break your efforts in creating a successful online business can also be referred to as the requirements for a well implemented cash/sales flow funnel. Planning your cash/sales flow funnel is critical to the success of your business, whether it is online or offline. And although the three parts of your cash generating machine are simple to understand, they will require either one of two things: lots of sweat equity or automation for scalability and growth. Simply put, the key principles to the success of your online marketing efforts are:

1) Traffic

2) Website

3) Offer/Product

Now let's take a look at how traffic can make or break your cash/sales flow funnel. Without enough visitors to your website, your chances of making cash/salses could be pretty dismal. On the other hand a website with lots of targeted visitors, by increasing traffic, for the niche that you are seeking to add value to, will have an opportunity to generate lots of cash/sales. And since businesses are created to make money, it's simply a no-brainer that you want as many "eyes on the prize" as possible.

Okay, on to the prize itself: A desirable offer or product that will fill some need of your targeted customer. You see in selecting this offer/product as a marketer you have done some research as to what problem(s) your targeted market has and how you can assist in solving that problem. So in presenting your offer/product to your targeted market you must provide them with all the necessary information, e.g. the ill-effects of the problem or how lovely life might be with this problem non-existent in their lives and therefore lead them into selling themselves on their need to have your offer/product as a solution to their problem. Through your content-rich platform/website you will need to have informative/educational articles and certainly where ever appropriate, embedded videos that will persuade your target market to the conclusion that this offer/product is just what they need, immediately to solve their problem.

In order to have a content-rich website that delivers the most bang for your buck, you must select a product that you believe in or that someone you know would desire to have. Selection of the perfect offer/product can be a complicated matter or even a simple one. Initially your offer/product should be something that is highly sought after and with little competition for fulfillment.

There are many ways to make your online business successful. But increasing the traffic of targeted prospects to your content-rich website is critical to making more money online. One thing that you have to keep in mind while planning your cash/sales flow funnel is that at some points you will either need to do a lot of footwork, find ways to automate the processes or outsource certain parts to experts. Outside of putting in all the sweat-equity yourself, you must plan/budget for either automated routes of generating traffic to your website, processing of orders through your website and possibly automated order fulfillment. In the end, scalability and duplication will exponentially increase your bottom line and lead to more profit for you and your business. To your success...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Use Social Media To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Having a Facebook Business Page is an Important Marketing Tool

Facebook has over 750 million users and gives you the ability to target prospects for growing your business and then increase traffic to your website and hence add more customers to your business.  Incorporating social media, into your internet marketing strategy for your business, is essential to get more traffic into the top of your cash/sales flow funnel and thus increase your profits.  Here is a youtube video put together by HubSpot that explains in 5 simple steps how to get the facebook business page for your business set up:

Whether you are a WAHM, small or large business, it is essential to learn how to use facebook and other social media platforms to grow your customer base by generating traffic to your website.  Facebook will allow you to hone in on your target market through various campaigns of niche marketing and drive more traffic to your website.  Increased traffic is one of the key parts for your online business to be successful in reaching your business goals to increase profit through your cash/sales flow funnel.

Read the complete article from HubSpot regarding the steps to create a Facebook business page here: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/5492/How-to-Create-a-Facebook-Business-Page-in-5-Simple-Steps-With-Video.aspx